My Message in a Bottle

Day one

Before – Phillip before being rescued. Photo from Meals on Wheels for Helena-West Helena Dogs in Timeline Photos

The Journey of Phillip, the Forgotten, to Phillip, the Fabulous, in 30 Days

Nineteenth in a Series

 March 5, 2016

Saggy Neck

Before – Phillip being rescued. Photo from Meals on Wheels Helena- West Helena Dogs in Timeline Photos

 My Message in a Bottle

Occasionally there are those days where I feel the need to reach out to someone that I have never met personally.  Today was one of those days.  This individual seemed better able to absorb the impact of today’s findings than any person I knew in the flesh.  Even though we were strangers, we shared a common concern over a certain mutt named Phillip.  My mouse clicked over her name in my addresses as I sent this message to Leslie, the person who rescued Phillip from his dismal situation.  Leslie from Meals on Wheels Helena-West Helena Dogs shared my communication with her supporters and now I will share with you.

Leslie writes…


Before and now….

After strut

After – Phillip Strutting

After sit picture

After Picture – Sit, Phillip, Sit

Email I received from foster…. MUST READ!

My message…

Dear Leslie,

I just needed to reach out to someone as I am trying to process the new developments about Phillip.  As I told you in the last e-mail, Phillip was neutered today.  We had heard him yelp as if in pain a couple of times during the last week when he lowered his head a certain way.  We decided to get X-rays to validate any health issues which would help in disclosure to a potential adopter.

The hips are good…no dysplasia.  He has 2 vertebrae fused in his lower back…probably congenital.  No Biggy!  The occasional yelping is still a mystery since the culprit could not be found.  It was assumed he played too hard and twisted a neck muscle and all will be fine in a few days to a week.

And then there is the gunshot to his elbow!  Phillip had been shot!  Not buckshot, but an actual gun with the lead broken in shards around his elbow.  The bone is fine.  The joint is fine.  The bullet was deflected by the bone somehow without damaging his leg.  Does the human cruelty against this sweet dog never end?

My 33- year old daughter came over tonight to vent a personal problem.  Though she lives nearby, we seldom see her due to the demands of her career.  She was totally distraught.  She had never met Phillip.  Even though Phillip had just come home from undergoing surgery and extensive tests, he put all his troubles aside and focused on her.  He would not leave her side and gave her his undivided attention and love.  Here sat a boy that was shot, burned with cigarettes, neglected, malnourished, suffered from mange and heart worms, and thrown out a car window, yet held no grudge against humanity.  My daughter is not an animal person, but told me upon leaving that Phillip was the best dog we ever had at our home.  She even told me that our personal dogs were not as respectful as Phillip.

I don’t know what made you take a chance on him the day that you rescued him.  I don’t know what wheels were set in motion regarding his future.  I only know that I have never seen anything like this dog in all the houseguests we have hosted.  He is a poster child for love…and I thank you for giving him a chance.  There is some special reason that he still lives, and I feel blessed to be a part of his healing.  I can’t wait to see what God has in store for him.

Be Well,

Ellen with Paul

P.S. – Phillip’s sore neck has improved. The suggestion that it was a twisted muscle was correct.

Phillip smiling

Smile for the camera




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Love Cancer? Posted on June 5, 2014by ellen3625 I remember the day the we stopped dying and started living. That was the day that we stopped fighting the Cancer and started loving the Cancer. Love Cancer? You are undoubtedly asking yourself if you read that correctly. Yes, Indeed you have. We did not wish cancer upon my husband. Despite the devastating nature of this life-threatening illness, opportunities were made available to us that we would have never chosen. The illness drove us down a winding scenic road brimming with serendipitous events that led to unexplored possibilities and new realities. This drive was filled with glimpses of unimaginable ideas and beliefs that consumed our interest like never before. Unique new individuals and unexpected animals seemed to show up at each intersection providing uncharted directions that filled us with hope and wonder, displacing the fear of death. The worries of the cancer that once filled our every thought were welcomed with a no vacancy sign. That different path had always been there available to us…waiting for us, yet we never chose to take the time to explore it. There was never the time until there was no more time. We always felt there would be endless tomorrows. Cancer had seemingly removed that option. Now I say “Thank You Cancer!” I say this knowing that we have had a rare chance to embrace the treasures that are really meaningful now.. not waiting for those imagined tomorrows. “Thank You Cancer” for changing our lifestyles, our food choices, our thoughts, and our actions. “Thank You Cancer” for opening my eyes to the bounty of healing weeds that are growing in the medicine cabinet I call my “Back Yard.” I would have never had the courage or desire to try my “Home Grown Concoctions” without your shove. “Thank You Cancer” for the animals that have helped us along the way. We are forever in their debt. “Thank You Cancer” for teaching us to live each moment to its fullest for the best and highest good for all. Now when I see someone with Cancer, I don’t say,” You poor dear!” Instead I tell them, “Opportunity has just slapped you in the face. You are about to embark on the journey of your life! Buckle Up, Take in the View, and Love the Cancer!” Love Cancer? You bet ya!
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