Seasoned animal foster parents, Paul and Ellen, are in for the challenge of their lives when they agree to foster a neglected sick dog for thirty days.  Hopefully, they have not bitten off more than they can chew.  They will have to team up and use all of their gifts and talents to turn Phillip, the forgotten, into Phillip, the fabulous, in this short period of time.


Passionately helping animals was an extension of events that were personally experienced.  When conventional medicine proved unsuccessful in treating Paul’s advanced cancer, the couple was surprised and blessed by a series of homeless animals that entered their lives.  These interactions proved to be life changing as Paul found his disease cured.  Paul and Ellen graciously appreciate the gifts of the animals and plants that supported his healing.


Paul has been a volunteer since that time at the Humane Society for Animals as an animal photographer and dog behaviorist.  He studied at Best Friends Animal Sanctuary in Utah, the largest “No Kill” shelter in the United States where he learned to work with the behaviors specific to shelter animals using positive reinforcement.  While at Best Friends Animal Sanctuary, Paul also learned Jin Shin Jyutsu from Adele Leas, a renowned international teacher, focusing on this form of “hands on” energy healing for animals.


Ellen has studied and continues to study the medicine of the plant spirit under the guidance of the respected local Shaman, Kit Shepperd, who teaches all to respect the special qualities of indigenous plants we often call weeds.  The weeds are happily harvested from Ellen’s organic garden along with crops that are pollinated by the honeybees from the couple’s apiary.  A membership in the local chapter of the Weston A. Price foundation keeps Ellen up to date in the latest nutritional research and the health benefits of food.